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OpSuite POS on Tablets
OpSuite POS on Elo Paypoint

OpSuite Point of Sale can stretch, compress, twist and turn to fit the device you want to use in your environment. If a traditional point-of-sale station is what is needed at your front counter, OpSuite POS accommodates. If your associates need to have a mobile device, like a tablet or smartphone in order to better interact with guests, OpSuite POS will work just fine. 
OpSuite POS does software yoga... it can flex to your needs.

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For Speed!

OpSuite POS is Fast

OpSuite Point of Sale was built with speed of transaction in mind. Many of our customers are event related businesses, and as such, they have a very limited window of opportunity to get the sale; whether it is between quarters, periods, or halves, before or after a race, or at intermission, transactions must be fast, accurate, and efficient.  This benefits all types of businesses, especially during busy times, holidays, and special sales.

Customer's appreciate it when they don't have to wait in line!

Connected &


Security is our number one priority with OpSuite Point of Sale. It has been designed from the ground up with the security of your information in mind. All communications are encrpyted, and use cutting edge security techniques, recognized by all the major brands and authorities.

OpSuite Point of Sale is also designed to stay connected, even when network speeds are at their worst.  And if the network goes down completely because of outside forces beyond your control... rest assured that OpSuite POS will still be available to take sales transactions*.

*Some features may be limited if network/internet connectivity is unavailable.

Architected for
Ease of Use!

Our top priority after security is the ease in which our software is to use.

We have over 30 years experience in the retail industry and understand the importance of quality designed software, especially for point of sale.

With OpSuite POS, most users can be trained within minutes.

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